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Working Principle Of Antistatic Membrane Protective Film
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Because the physical strength is not high. It is only suitable for temporary turnover in factories, and the antistatic effect decreases with the prolongation of storage time. Impedance needs to be measured. It is generally required that the surface resistance of antistatic materials is between 6 and 11 of 10. Besides, when the surface is immersed in antistatic fluid, the resistance is between 6-9, but it is more likely to fail.

Antistatic protective film is a kind of antistatic agent added to the protective film substrate or glue. This antistatic agent can effectively absorb the "water" in the surface and air of the product, and the water can neutralize with static electricity. So as to achieve antistatic effect.

This is relatively simple. Most of the protective film is PP / PE raw materials, before blowing film with antistatic agent mixed evenly by screw plasticization, and then blowing film. After the product comes out, the antistatic agent is distributed in the resin, and the antistatic agent is a low molecular weight surfactant. It has the characteristics of hydrophilic and hygroscopic. It is easy to migrate from the inside of the resin to the surface of the product hydrophilic (absorb air moisture), forming a water molecular layer, so as to achieve the effect of electrostatic discharge.

Anti-static protective film PE/PET/PVC protective film, electrostatic film, release film, anti-static protective film, reticulated film, widely used in electronics, diffuser, PC board, film switch, electrical appliances, instruments, stainless steel board, digital products, plastic lenses and other products to be protected can be used. Thickness: 0.05mm-0.15mm. Color: transparent, apple green, green gray. Special colors can be customized. The viscosity is adjustable. Other: dust-free workshop protective film, dust-removal drum and other purification materials. Antistatic protective film PE electrostatic transparent protective film is widely used: 1, plasma TV screen protective film paste; 2, notebook computer screen protective film paste; 3, LCD screen protective film protection paste; 4, game machine LCD screen protective film protection paste.

Characteristic 1. Good viscosity, good adhesion, solvent resistance, use at room temperature, straight edge, no residue. Use: suitable for decoration and general industrial screening. Characteristic 2. Good adhesion, good solvent resistance, good weather resistance, suitable for use at about 150 ~C temperature, no residue, clear color separation boundary. Use: suitable for vehicle color separation and industrial machine spraying. 3, high temperature resistance, good viscosity, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, no penetration, no residual glue. Use: suitable for dust removal workshop dust removal protective film operation.