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Why Is The Use Of PE Mesh Protective Film So Wide?
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Reticulated film is the abbreviation of PE reticulated film. The difference between reticulated protective film and other protective film lies in the different way of application. It presents a reticulated protective film, that is, reticulated protective film, which can be widely used in stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and other materials. It has a good coating effect. Why is the use of PE reticulated film? So widely, Yichuan thin film is for you to analyze in detail.

1. Brief introduction

The reticulated protective film is made of polyethylene reticulated plastic film as the base material, cross-linked polyacrylic resin as the adhesive, and several special additives. Thickness 0.05, sticky micro sticky, low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity. There are two kinds of common and anti-static, the color is transparent, red and blue, different material surface protection can choose different product models and specifications.

2. Characteristics

Soft, transparent, sticky, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and widely used.

3, application scope

Stainless steel plate: mirror steel plate, frosted steel plate, color steel plate and hardware protection.

Aluminum materials: aluminium plate, coarse-grained aluminium plate, aluminium profile, ground aluminium profile, sprayed aluminium profile, electrophoretic aluminium profile, sprayed matte aluminium profile, sandblasted aluminium profile, etc.

Electronic and electrical materials: light guide board, electronic screen, instrument surface, automobile instrument, shell, air conditioning surface and various household appliances surface protection, titanium metal plate, etc.

Plastic plate: PMMA plate, PVC light panel, ABS light panel, plastic plate and plastic shell protection, protection in various die-cutting process.

According to the above, we can understand that the reticulated protective film has good stickiness, safe and non-toxic material, so it is widely used.