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What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying Protective Film?
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Selection: we need to consider the micropore and the surface adhesive of the adhesive film.

There are many kinds of protective films, and there are many kinds of adhesives on the surface of the protective films, so the performance and strength of the protective films of different brands are different, so the following factors should be considered when purchasing protective films:

Microporosity of the desired adhesive: Since the adhesive action of the protective film occurs, the moisture of the adhesive on the surface of the protective film dries rapidly into the adhesive after the adhesive penetrates into the adhesive and makes the protective film a part of the adhesive. Therefore, the microporosity of the desired adhesive surface is very important for the selection of the protective film. If the cargo has more micropore, it must adopt a protective film which is quickly coagulated by adhesives. Otherwise, a protective film with slower coagulation speed or a protective film containing more adhesives should be used.

Protective film surface adhesives: protective film in the production of manufacturers in the bottom band coated with adhesive, usually dry after finishing into a roll, if the film is too wet, the film itself will be very tight together, it is difficult to open when used, and some simply can not be used.

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