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What Kind Of Protective Film Is Used For Hardware Products?
- Nov 13, 2018 -

The reticulated protective film is made of PE as the base material, using unique three-layer co-extrusion casting technology, and adding several special additives to prepare and debug. Colorless and transparent, soft and good stickiness. It has a wide range of protection for various sheets. Different types of products and specifications can be chosen for the protection of different material surfaces.

Application area of netted protective film:

1. Computer Hardware Products; Computer Case Shell, Computer Baking Paint Board, Plastic Injection Molding, Galvanized Plate Stamping, Printing and Spray Paint Surface Protection;

2. LCD photoelectric series; LCD liquid crystal display, conductive film switch, touch screen, backlight plate, EL electro-cooler, surface protection of color computer display;

3. Plastic injection products; ABS, PP injection products, PVC sheets, acrylic panels, dashboards, plastic lenses. Our factory specializes in the production of PE protective film, PVC protective film, PET protective film, Korean reticulated film, electrostatic film, antistatic film, adhesive products, etc., all of which introduce high-precision machinery and equipment, perfect quality control system, constantly improve quality, and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Products are widely used in plastic products, hardware processing, decorative plates, electronic and electrical products, such as: plastic lenses, glass lenses, plastic injection forming parts, nameplate production, liquid crystal display, copper, aluminum, stainless steel plates, cold binding boards, circuit boards, speaker boards, PC boards, titanium and other advanced material surfaces. Protect and protect your products in order to avoid surface damage during transportation or production and use. The thickness, viscosity, color and variety of all kinds of protective films are complete. They can be sliced, laminated, fitted and stamped according to the length and width of the specifications required by customers.

It can be said that the reticulate membrane has many advantages, and the price is not expensive. It is a good protective film with good quality and low cost.