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Antistatic protective film application and product characteristics
- Feb 06, 2019 -

The anti-static protective film is actually made by adding a layer of anti-static liquid on the basis of the original protective film. The obvious feature of the product is that the surface will generally appear gray, and the product will be transparent after being pulled out. The product has good gas permeability and weather resistance, and is widely used in many industries. Below is a small series of pet protective film manufacturers to introduce you: the application and characteristics of anti-static protective film.

Product application of anti-static protective film

1. The anti-static protective film is suitable for the touch screen of mobile electronic products, and is also used as a protective film, as well as a protective film for glass lenses and surface protection of various types of panels made and shipped;

2. anti-static protective film is generally widely used in the production of FPC, PCB, and electronic components in the surface material protection and prevention of static electricity, but also to protect the product, in fact, wherever applied, anti-static Protective films are used as protective products.

3. anti-static protective film will usually appear cross-cutting powder, and anti-static protective film also has excellent printing function;

4. anti-static protective film of the mobile phone button plating process protection, is the protection of plastic parts, diffusion film surface, PORON and other foam cutting and other aspects.

Product characteristics of antistatic protective film

1. The anti-static protective film is produced in the purification workshop in the range of ≤1000, in order to have an excellent appearance.

2. anti-static protective film flying product cleanliness is extremely high, and the transparency is excellent, with good weather resistance.

3. anti-static protective film is usually relatively easy to peel off, after the paste is not there will be residual glue left, and there is no trace, small molecule pollution is small.

4. the surface of the anti-static protective film is anti-static 10 (6-9) Ω, and the separation friction voltage ≤ 100V static dissipation in the data range of ≤ 0.8S.

5. anti-static protective film can effectively prevent dust and particles in the air from being adsorbed by the product, which will reduce the damage of microelectronic devices caused by static electricity.

Through the above, it can be easily understood that the anti-static protective film can prevent the product from being scratched, scratched, waterproofed, damaged and the like to effectively protect the surface of our products.