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What Are The Materials Of The Protective Film?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

PE material

The main raw material is LLDPE, which is soft and stretchable. Generally, the thickness is 0.05MM-0.15MM, and its viscosity varies from 5G-500G according to the use requirements (viscosity is divided into different domestic and foreign, such as 200 grams of Korean film equivalent to about 80 grams of domestic). There are also electrostatic film, mesh film and so on under the protective film project of PE material. Electrostatic film, as its name implies, is a kind of protective film with no glue. Of course, its viscosity is relatively weak, and it is mainly used in surface protection such as electroplating. Reticulated film is a kind of protective film with many grids on the surface. This kind of protective film has better air permeability and beautiful pasting effect. Unlike plain film, it will leave bubbles.

PET material

PET protective film is the most common kind of protective paste on the market, in fact, we usually see plastic cola bottle is the use of PET material, also known as the Bottle bottle. Chemicals called polyester film. PET protective film is characterized by a hard texture, more scratch resistance. And long-term use will not be like PVC material as yellowing out. Oil. But the general PET protective film is dependent on static adsorption, more easy to foam and peel off, but even if the peeling washed in clean water can be reused. PET protective film material than PVC is much more expensive. Many foreign well-known brands of mobile phone factory, the random configuration is PET material protection paste, using PET material protection paste workmanship and packaging is more exquisite, there is a special hot-purchased mobile phone model to customize the protection paste, do not need to cut can be used directly, the market famous brand REDBOBO brand paste, OK8 mobile phone paste film Some of the products are also made from PET material.

PP material

PP protective film is the first to appear on the market, the chemical name is polypropylene, no adsorption capacity, generally stick with glue, after tearing off the screen will leave a glue mark, a long time will corrode the screen. Now this material has been basically eliminated by the vast number of protective film manufacturers, but some roadside stalls are still selling, we should pay attention to!

PVC material

PVC material protection paste is characterized by its soft texture, and easy to paste, but this material is thicker, poor transmittance, so that the screen looks hazy. The tear will also leave a mark of glue on the screen. At the same time, this kind of material is easy to turn yellow with the change of temperature, and the service life is short. So now the market basically can not see this kind of protective film. What can be seen on the market at present is a modified version of PVC protective film, which solves the previous problems of poor thickness and light transmittance, but still can not solve the problem of easy turning out butter, and it should be noted that PVC this material does not have the ability to resist scratching, after a period of time the protective film will appear very obvious scratch. In addition, PVC itself is a toxic material, containing heavy metals, and has been completely discontinued in Europe. This PVC modified version of the screen protective film is widely sold in the market, featuring a soft feel in the hand and a low price. The price is usually around 10 yuan, some brands even 5 yuan have transactions, many well-known protective film manufacturers have stopped using this material.

AR material

AR material protection paste is currently the best screen protection sticker in the market. AR is a synthetic material, generally divided into three layers, silica gel for the adsorption layer, PET for the intermediate layer, the outer layer for the special treatment layer. Special treatment layer is generally divided into two, AG treatment layer and HC treatment layer, AG is anti-glare treatment, grinding protective film is used in this way. HC is hardness treatment, is a high transparent protective film. This kind of screen protective film is characterized by non-reflective screen, high transmittance (more than 95%), will not affect the screen display effect. And the material surface after special processing, its texture is soft, with strong anti-friction and anti-scratch ability. Long-term use will not appear scratches. Adhesion of chemical material silica gel adsorbed on the mobile phone screen, so it will not cause damage to the screen itself, after tearing off will not leave a mark. Also can be cleaned. After repeated use, is now well-known protective film manufacturers such as OK8, BENKS and other major R & D objects. At present, it can be easily bought on the market, which is more expensive than PET material.

OPP material

The protective film made of OPP material is similar to PET protective film in appearance. It has higher hardness and certain flame retardancy, but its sticking effect is poor, so it is seldom used in general market.

OCA material

OCA protective film is similar to other materials in appearance, but OCA protective film is produced in Japan, it is now the most widely used in Apple mobile phones, its luminosity and hardness are better than other materials, so OCA is the most popular material in mobile phone protective film.