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Use Of Different Material Protective Films
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Now there are more and more protective films made of different materials on the market. Because of their respective performance characteristics, they play an important role in different fields. The following is a brief introduction to the classification of protective films made of different materials and their respective uses.

Now in the market is widely used in different materials of protective film: PE protective film, PET protective film, PVC protective film, OPP protective film, PP protective film, OCA protective film and other protective films.

OPP and PP protective film is also used to a better material, used in more advanced things, OPP material protective film from the appearance is closer to the PET protective film, its hardness is greater, has a certain degree of flame retardancy, for example, mobile phones, such as high-end products.

The PVC protection film is mostly used in some electronic products, such as movie screens.

PE protective film is generally used for better things, such as electronic products, such as IPD and other more upscale things, because this itself is more expensive. In fact, they are protected by PE protective film.

PET protective film this kind of protective film is mainly used than the bottom of the electronic products a little bit of place, people are now quite a lot of use.

OCA protective film is mainly used for screen protective film, its luminosity and hardness are better than other materials, such as the current IP4S above these products.