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Ultraviolet Visbreaking Protective Film, UV Visbreaking Protective Film
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Ultraviolet tape (UV tape) UV visbreaking film, UV visbreaking protective film, UV visbreaking protective film, wafer cutting UV film is designed for wafer grinding, cutting and load-bearing processing of soft electronic parts.

Coated with special viscose, it has high adhesion force. When cutting, it can adhere to the wafer with super adhesion force. Even the wafer will not displace or peel off, so that the wafer can be cut without falling off or flying away in the grinding and cutting process.

After processing, as long as the appropriate amount of ultraviolet radiation can instantly reduce the adhesion, even large wafers can be easily and correctly picked up without residual glue degumming pollution, improve the pick-up ability when picking up crystals, there is no pollution caused by adhesives contamination, not to mention the negative impact of ultraviolet radiation on IC.

Characteristics of visbreaking protective film:

When cutting, it has high adhesion force, low viscosity after UV irradiation, and when picking up, the wafer will not disperse and remain glue.

Before UV irradiation, it has high adhesion and good adhesion. After UV irradiation, the adhesion decreases obviously and it is easy to peel off.

The reaction time of irradiation UV is fast and the work efficiency is improved effectively.

It has good acid resistance and can resist 20% hydrofluoric acid etching solution.

After peeling, there is no residual glue and low pollution to glass, silicon wafer and other patches.

Application of visbreaking protective film:

Semiconductor cutting, wafer cutting, silicon wafer cutting, packaging substrate, PLC board, glass/lens/crystal cutting, etc.

It is suitable for chemical enhanced acid etching process protection of ITO glass and COVER LENS glass cover; process protection of silicon wafer cutting; CNC process protection of mobile phone metal shell.

Cautions for Anti-mucus Protective Membrane

First, before sticking the tape, please wipe off the oil, dust and moisture on the surface of the sticker.

2) The adhesive force of the tape will decrease in a short time under sunlight. Therefore, when keeping the tape, it must be placed in a shade bag and in a cool place.

3) When using the tape, please control the ambient temperature between 10 and 30 C. When used outside this temperature environment, bad bonding will occur.

4) Do not touch the adhesive surface of the tape directly with your hands when using it.

5) When placing the wrong position, please use brand-new tape to avoid reuse of tape.

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