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The Problem Needs To Be Paid Attention To In The Production Process Of PE Electrostatic Film
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Everyone will use PE static film when it will be convenient to use. The transparent film has a very good experience. Professional PE static film manufacturers will strictly control the production process, so as to ensure that the produced film does not fog, can not afford ghosts. Shadow, high transparency and convenience. At present, the common PE electrostatic film generally has two production processes, one is a casting method. The other is the co-agent method. Shengfa Protection Film is a multi-layer co-extrusion blown film method that generally uses up-blowing. In the actual production of PE electrostatic film, our company will encounter the following problems.


1. The winding of PE electrostatic film should be smooth. Due to the uneven rolling force during the winding process, the PE film can easily cause wrinkles. By paying attention to such problems during operation, a beautiful and flat film can be produced.


2. When the film blowing machine needs reloading, the barrel needs to be cleaned. Due to the variety of protective films, there are high-temperature protective film, blue PE static film, high-viscous electrostatic film, etc., because different protective films may be material. Not the same, the colors are not the same, so when the protective film is changed for batch production, a large amount of material is needed to wash the barrel, which results in waste of materials. Unclean cleaning can lead to defects such as poor transparency of the produced electrostatic film, many crystal dots, and weak adsorption force.


3. When PE static membranes are produced, due to poor quality of raw materials or poor temperature control or formulation design defects, the raw materials are not completely dissolved. At the time of extrusion, some incompletely dissolved raw materials are stuck to the die dies and then scraped. Injured blown film. Shengfa Protection Film uses Sinopec's polyethylene material, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It guarantees the highest quality of raw materials to the highest possible level, thereby producing a high-quality protective film. The


4. If there is dust in the air during the production process, it may be easily adsorbed by PE electrostatic film, resulting in dust spots on the surface of the PE electrostatic film produced. Shengfa glue is equipped with a dust-free workshop to eliminate this problem.