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The Most Widely Used Packaging Film On The Market
- Aug 07, 2018 -

There are many kinds of shrinkable films. Polyethylene shrink film is the most widely used and the most widely used shrink film. Compared with the common polyvinyl chloride film and polypropylene film, polyethylene shrinkable film has non-toxic, can be applied to food packaging, does not produce corrosive gas and can adapt to the packaging of metal hanging parts. The toughness of the film, low temperature brittleness are better than PVC, PP, high heat shrinkable rate, good storage stability, production workers. The technology is simple, the corresponding cost is low, and the PE heat shrinkable film is easy to recycle. The fresh-keeping film is also one of the most used films. At present, there are few kinds of preservative films in China, and more and more kinds of fresh-keeping films can be used in the functions of high temperature and oil resistance, which are suitable for microwave heating. The amount of polyolefin preservative film will be more and more large, and the development of winding film and heat shrinkable film will be similar.

Wuxi Shengfa protection film is a specialized company which is mainly engaged in the production and sale of packaging materials. The main products are PE protective film, PE black and white film, PE blue film, black and white protection film, PE transparent film, PE color printing, PE car carpet film and so on, and are widely used in all kinds of aluminum and plastic plates, aluminum plates, stainless steel plates and color steel plates. Galvanized sheet, glass, stone, carpet, floor, plastic steel profiles, new decorative materials, plastic products and high-grade furniture industries.

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