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The Method Of Using Ground Protective Film
- Jun 19, 2018 -

In the whole process of home decoration, there are many links involved. If the previous construction does not protect the finished products well, it will cause unnecessary trouble and loss to the following construction and use. After spending nearly 10000 yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan to buy Tiles, no decoration has been wasted, although the decoration will be fine cleaning work, but I estimate that each owner will see such "protection" scene will be very uncomfortable in the heart. So what should we pay attention to when decorating the finished product protection? Or where should we pay special attention to the protection of finished products?

Firstly, the entrance door protection of all kinds of decoration materials and all kinds of building decoration garbage cleaning, will pass through the door, these items in the process of handling, with the door knock, friction, the chance of greatly increased, so the first place to do a good product protection is our door. Suggestion: before the decoration starts, furniture doors need to be protected. For this, the finished protective film can be wrapped around the door.

Secondly, tile and floor paving protection - protective film tiles, floor paving, also belong to the part of the basic decoration, often found that tile construction and after construction did not do finished product protection work, specific performance: tile side spread edge seam, in the tile, floor stacked on the tile, the floor of the tile, just paved tiles. In the above walk, the ground tile, the floor does not use the finished product protection film covering, all these will affect the tile placement effect, resulting in the quality of the tile construction.


1, the walls and floor tiles, in the case of paving is not dry solid, do not hurry to point, so as not to cause artificial tiles loose, uneven, affecting the construction effect.

2, before the floor tiles are dry and solid, do not walk around and pile up debris, so as to avoid the loosening and uneven of ceramic tiles.

3. After laying the floor tile, use the finished protective film to cover the brick surface. It can prevent the sand from grinding the floor while decorating. It can also effectively prevent the paint and other colored liquids from dropping the brick surface, causing the ground pollution.