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The Influence Of Environment On The Production Of Protective Film Printing
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Wuxi Shengfa protection film Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production and sale of packaging materials. The main products are PE protection film, PE black and white film, PE blue film, black and white protection film, PE transparent film, PE color printing, PE car carpet film and so on, and are widely used in all kinds of aluminum and plastic plates, aluminum plates, stainless steel plates, and so on. Color steel plate, galvanized sheet, glass, stone, carpet, floor, plastic steel profiles, new decorative materials, plastic products and high-grade furniture and other industries.

When the ambient temperature and humidity are high and the air pressure is low, even approaching the critical parameter is still dangerous. Some of the intaglio, dry compound and bag making processes in some protective film factories are in a place where there is no division. The gas concentration in the environment is high and the exhaust gas is not discharged. It is also one of the important reasons for this consequence. In addition, the gas chromatograph test standard and the product sampling inspection standard should also be said.

However, there is a big gap between the plastic protective film and the newly sealed plastic protective film which has been exposed for a long time in the environment. Similarly, the sampling position of the coil material is also closely related to the final inspection data. The experience of experience is shared by the Coca Cola Co. The Coca Cola Co approach is to sawing 100mm along the diameter direction with a saw on the diameter of the diameter of the film, and peeling off the outer layer to sample the sample. Therefore, the adjustment of this new standard is bound to affect a series of other related testing standards.

In the gravure printing process of printing compound production, under normal conditions, the traditional gravure printing process should not be difficult to meet the above requirements. However, due to the large number of factors in the production process, it is difficult to control residual solvents.

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