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The Effect Of PE Protective Film On The Development Of Agriculture In China
- Jul 17, 2018 -

China is a large agricultural country with the largest use of agricultural film in the world. In recent years, with the development of urban agriculture, plastic greenhouse and plastic greenhouse have been built everywhere. As the most important covering material for farmland protection, agricultural film has reached 1 million tons in 1999, of which 600 thousand tons of greenhouse film, covering area of 20 million mu, mulching 400 thousand tons, covering an area of 180 million mu.

PE greenhouse (shed) film as the largest yield of agricultural film in recent years, is growing by more than 10% per year. The development of urbanized agriculture has made the traditional common agricultural film unable to meet the requirements of the greenhouse, with a wide range of functions, long service life and wide wide greenhouse (shed) film with excellent optical properties, which has become the mainstream of the agricultural film production.

The main factors affecting the service life of greenhouse film are:

1, greenhouse (shed): Greenhouse (shed) structure design rationality of greenhouse film and metal frame contact point protection of greenhouse film covered in greenhouse fixed method.

2, installation and use: careful installation to prevent mechanical damage or hook breaking, the greenhouse film fixed looseness and appropriate; select suitable thickness, excellent performance of the film; use a reasonable structure of the shelf.

3, the use of the environment: solar radiation and lighting time; ambient temperature; natural disasters (gale, rainstorm, hail, heavy snow, etc.); the use of pesticides.

4. Greenhouse film: the production technology and structure of the film (single layer or compound layer); the performance of the base resin for the selection of the film; the thickness of the film, the selection of the resin and the additives and the design of the amount.

It can be seen that there are many factors affecting the life of the film film, and no one can predict its actual life before use, but as a film maker, it is responsible to design the best formula to ensure the minimum use period of the film under normal conditions.