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The Demand Of Pet Protective Film In Screen Protective Film Industry Will Increase
- Nov 29, 2018 -

With the emergence and innovation of wide-screen mobile phones, digital cameras, IPAD and other digital products, the demand for screen protection patches is also rising, and the whole protective film market has been pushed into a new era. Pet protective film has always been the mainstream product of screen protective film, from the transparent base material at the lowest end to various functional pet protective films: such as high permeability fingerprint protective film materials, sanding fingerprint protective film materials, mirror protective film materials and so on.

Why can it stand the test and always be the first choice for screen saver?

First, it is more environmentally friendly than other similar protective film materials, and its transmittance is also higher. The effect of screen display can reach 99%. So it is also very popular with users.

Second, the use of silica gel electrostatic adsorption, so that the pasting operation is simple, easy to tear and stick, the biggest feature is that the viscosity is large and not residue, affecting the screen effect. Have a certain hardness, can maximize the protection of the screen or other high-end product surface protection

Third, this material is more suitable for work. For example, after processing on the base material, it can be made into various functional protective film materials, such as high permeability anti-fingerprint protective film, abrasive anti-fingerprint protective film, mirror protective film, anti-peeping protective film, and more characteristics. Specific functions will not be introduced, if you are interested in understanding the characteristics of these functional materials, please check the product introduction.