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Storage And Use Of Protective Films
- Sep 18, 2018 -

For mobile phone protection film, computer keyboard protection film, etc., we must always protect. Take the keyboard protective film, it is also electrostatic film, as we all know, protective film is its own static electricity, so it is easy to attract nearby dust, long time down, it will be very dirty, if not cleaned up in time, after a period of time formed dirt, more difficult to clean up.

And we have to do the maintenance of the protective film, in the maintenance problem, there are also many adverse factors, such as improper protection will increase the degree of damage to the protective film or affect the use of protective film, such as water cleaning protective film, if not blown dry in time, long-term protection film will lose static electricity and self-adhesive effect. As a result, if dried in the sun, the protective film will harden, and can not be used, and so on, these incorrect maintenance methods make people defensive.

As a professional manufacturer of PE protective film, we will talk about the proper protection methods for protective film.

1, isolation from the outside world. If there are special requirements, the protective film can be isolated from the outside world. Of course, like glass and plastic protective film, there are special materials on the surface. If you want to enter a little maintenance, you can use a simple duer on the surface, such as the surface of a layer of paper shell.

2. Dust removal with dry paper towel when the protective film has dust, dry paper towel can be used to remove the dust, water cleaning effect is on the contrary. Because the protective membrane can make small dust form part of the protective film through its own static electricity, it is difficult to remove.

3. Avoiding oil stains is the greatest natural enemy of protective film. Although it can't do direct harm to protective film, it can't protect objects when it is stained with oil, so it loses its material. So in the maintenance process, we must avoid oil stains.

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