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Specializing In The Production Of PVC Protective Film
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Professional production of PVC protective film, PVC, full name Polyvinyl-chloride by PVC in the initiator polymerization of thermoplastic resin, PVC homopolymer. Transparent and glossy. Add other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility and so on.

The application field of PVC protective film:

1, wood pattern plate series: wooden speaker protection, polyester furniture, PVC panel surface protection.

2, circuit board: Ming LAN protective film, circuit board / circuit board, electronic products, gold finger / electrostatic film.

3. Warning line: Brown free knife, red / White / yellow black warning / logo tape, workshop / warehouse sub line.

4, glass technology: glass painting, spray noise, sculpture and other protection.

5, other: dust removal workshop dust removal protective film, dedusting drum and other purification materials.

PVC protective film material is characterized by its soft texture, easy pasting, good weather resistance, no fading. PVC protective film uses: PVC electrostatic protective film is a kind of electrostatic adsorption on the surface of objects, play a protective and antioxidant role, and no residue, widely used in sheet metal spray painting, electroplating, paint dust and antioxidant, automotive electrical surface film, glass transparent and strong adsorption, is a high-quality environmental protection and efficient products