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Special Uses Of The Vietnamese Rubber Band
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Vietnam is a country with large rubber exports, and its industry is close to 1/3 of the country's export. In addition to rubber, its by-products, rubber plates, rubber pads and Vietnamese rubber bands are also many. Rubber bands are a short ring made of rubber and latex, usually used to tie things together. 

1, tied to the eye frame to prevent the glasses falling.

2. Vietnamese rubber bands prevent slipping. If spoons are placed in bowls, they will always slide down, and rubber bands will be prevented from slipping on the spoon handle.

3, when you can't open the jar, you can make a better force by putting a rubber band on the bottom of the bottle besides knocking it with a spoon.

4, when a book is placed in a bag, it will easily damage the pages, bind the rubber band on the book, or roll up the book, with rubber bands, so that the book can be better preserved.

5. The ribbon or wire can be fixed with a rubber band.

6, sometimes the flow table is too slippery, the chopping board is not fixed well, the rubber band can play the role of the chopping board.

7. To prevent a reverse lock, a rubber band will be wound around the doorknob.

8. The Vietnamese rubber band can peel off the screws.

9. When painting, paint can be dripped.

10. Tie the rubber band on the bottle and cover it tightly.