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Solve The Problem Of Residual Glue In Protective Film
- Sep 12, 2018 -

No residual glue protective tape, surface protective film, aluminum alloy protective tape.

Our company's leading products (peelable plastic protective film) with strong anti-aging, easy to stick, easy to peel, non-polluting characteristics. Mainly used for aluminum alloy, plastic steel, stainless steel, household appliances, decorative materials, glass curtain wall, colored steel plate, mirror panel, sunlight plate and other products surface protection of low viscosity black and white film Kunshan aluminum alloy protective film black protective film aluminum alloy transparent PE protective film, PE blue protective film, high viscosity

PE black and white film surface protective film is not residual glue protection film substrate: 100% new material PE film; high quality resin adhesive.

Medium viscous protective film thickness: 0.02 mm to 0.15 mm width: 1 610 mm above 180 degree peeling strength: 68 g / cm + 10 g / cm temperature resistance: 60 / 12 hours application range: Ultra high viscous high viscous medium viscous protective film low viscosity, good adhesion performance, suitable for fine grinding aluminum sheets, fine grinding aluminum profiles, sprayed aluminum profiles, etc.

Electrophoresis aluminum profile, frosted ceiling, artificial marble, plastic steel profile and other products.