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Shrink Film Manufacturers Produce Environmentally Friendly Packaging To Open The Green Road
- Apr 26, 2018 -

1. the transparency is excellent and the glossiness is very high.

(you can clearly see the label patterns and characters on the cup, moisture-proof and dust-proof).

2. good sealing performance, suitable for high speed packaging equipment.

(a packaging machine can pack tens of thousands of products per day, as long as sewn up, sealed good water barrier).

3. uniform contraction in longitudinal and horizontal direction, strong contractility and excellent packing effect.

(compact packaging, tight space, no transportation storage space, the maximum shrinkage rate of up to 75%, the use of its high shrinkage rate of shrinkage valve can wrap a group of goods wrapped tightly, play a very good binding effect, is very suitable for a collection of articles, especially for different types of goods. Moreover, the contractility of the po - C 3 film treated by a special process can be controlled to meet the requirements of different products for the shrinkage force.

4. light weight and low packaging cost can increase economic efficiency.

(light weight, negligible membrane weight, is the lowest packaging material in the market, superior to carton and other materials).

5. soft and tough, high strength, low temperature will not be hard and brittle. Innocuous and harmless, is an ideal green packaging material.

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