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Selection Techniques Of Electrostatic Protection Films
- Aug 23, 2018 -

With the popularity of notebook computers, users spend more and more time facing the computer every day. Some of the symptoms of prolonged use of computers are increasing: such as decreased vision, rough skin and so on. Electrostatic protective film can not only make the LCD screen new and bright, not only can play the effect of retrofitting the old machine, but also waterproof, prevent dust, fingerprints into the screen, play a protective role, and a small film on the integration of a lot of practical functions are loved by young people.

LCD screen protective film is not limited to the protection of LCD screen, with the introduction of functional protective film into the market, it adds more fashionable and practical factors, such as grinding film, mirror film, anti-peep film, AR film and anti-radiation protective film, which are based on the original anti-scratch on the basis of special technology to add special substances. Make it have more functions. In the selection of surface protective film skills, now the high-quality stickers are static, do not choose glue, the glue will melt and yellowing, and remove very troublesome, usually residual glue left on the screen difficult to remove.

Some liquid crystal electrostatic protective films can also protect vision and reduce radiation. In fact, the electrostatic film is also divided into different grades, the price is mainly based on the grade and size of the film. Protective film really good electrostatic film on the pasting environment is not high requirements, but in wet environment paste will be less dust, more convenient.

1, 90% super high transmittance. The screen is naturally rendered without distortion, which makes the image more vivid and bright.

2, advanced Anti - glare low reflective optical precision coating. It can stop 99.7% strong lights and clear eyesight.

3, adopt the new technology of Japan, electrostatic adsorption. It is simple and convenient to use without any general protection. It is easy to deform and remove film at room temperature.

4, super anti glare mirror processing, can eliminate 99% glare and flash, to prevent the reflection of external light source.

5, can disperse more than 99.7% of the screen micro radiation, to protect your health!

6, super antifouling resistant body treatment. It can effectively prevent dust and oil pollution.

7, the whole series adopts 0.25mm super thickness, which is naturally integrated with the screen, giving consideration to light weight and protective effect.

8. Super hardness of >4H lens. It can prevent scratching and impact on weekdays, and effectively protect LCD screen.