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Recycling Technology Of Waste Plastic Film
- Nov 08, 2018 -

PE and PP films are tough materials which are not easy to be crushed by ordinary plastic crusher.

Ordinary plastic crusher, one is hammering method, suitable for crushing materials with high hardness and low toughness; the other is cutting tool cutting, a row of fixed cutters and a group of rotary cutters constitute cutting tools, suitable for processing materials with high toughness melting point. Because PE and P P films are soft and tough, they are not easy to cut. Moreover, the high temperature of the tool at high speed will make LDPE melt and adhere to the blade.

Therefore, the granulation of PE and PP film can be directly put into the feed port of the extruder, and the PE and PP film can be heated and melted into the barrel of the extruder by the shear force of the screw.

The regeneration PE process has four main processes.

The first step is the comminution process.

Washing with water powder is better. Because some good high voltage films can be cleaned sufficiently without adding new materials, the film can be blown again. Therefore, attention should be paid to cleaning in the crushing process. When the crushed material flows to the tank, it is better to roll again, in order to further rinse the cleaning point.

The second step is the drying process.

Usually to the drying machine to dry the residual water, if conditions are available to dry, this can save electricity, improve quality, of course, pay attention to prevent secondary pollution of materials in drying.

The third step is the granulation process.

The particles produced by special extruders have two basic uses: blow molding film and injection molding again. Material coming out of 60-80 mesh filter can be blown again; material coming out of 40-60 mesh filter can meet the quality requirements of injection moulding. Generally speaking, high-pressure material blowing film again, good blowing color, almost blowing black film and garbage bags, the price after plastic injection is lower.

The fourth step is the granulating process.

Usually it is cold water cut grain. This procedure must pay attention to distinguishing labels when packaging. One kind of blow moulding (PE, PP recycled primary material, still blown film, used for non-food and pharmaceutical packaging, also widely used in Oxford leather and waterproof cloth production, the future is very good), one kind of injection moulding, in order to avoid mistakes. In addition, blow molding bags must be wrapped in outer bags to avoid two pollution.

The main mechanical equipment involved, you do not need to worry about, mechanical equipment factory set includes the four processes to be processed by the equipment!

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