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Protective Film Raw Material Standard
- Jul 05, 2018 -

A. The main component of PE protective film must be combined polyester PET products

Reason: it has optical grade permeability and does not affect viewing vision.

PET is the only degradable class in the protective film products, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

B. The surface of  PE protective film must be treated by 3.5H or more hardened coating.

Reason: the surface of the protective film treated with hardened coating can effectively prevent the wear and tear in the daily contact or cleaning, so as to ensure that the protective film will last as bright as new.

C. The bonding layer must be the electrostatic adsorption property of silicon ions.

Reason: adhesive adhesive is strong and difficult to peel off, and has certain corrosiveness. If stickup time is too long on the LCD screen, it can easily erode the screen surface and affect the quality of the picture. The properties of silicon ion electrostatic adhesive are mild, and they are used on the LCD screen with no glue, no sticky screen, high temperature resistance, no corrosion, and can be repeatedly stickable and water cleaning. It meets the objective requirements of safety, health and easy operation.


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