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Protective Film For Electronic Products
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Protective Film for Electronic Products-Low Viscosity PE Protective Film

I. composition

PE Substrate + Silica-free Glue

Two. Description

Tape name:PE protective film

An adhesive:Acrylic esters

Tape thickness (mm):0.05 + 0.01

Length and width of tape:1220mm*200m


Three. Use

1. Surface protection of electronic products

2. No glue residue on the cover

3. The adhesion will hardly change with time.

IV. Belt Performance


Test value

180. peel strength(gf/25mm):30 + 10

tensile strength(N/25mm):18~20


Temperature resistance(E)

No adhesives residue on the surface of adhesives after restoring to room temperature for 1 hour by cyclic testing

Physical Reaction with Adhesive Surface at Normal Temperature

No adhesives remained on the surface of the adhesives after 7 days

Note: This information is product description and does not represent the actual value of each product.

Test Conditions: 21 C x 60RH

V. Storage requirements of protective film for electronic products

Optimum storage temperature: 25 C, 65% humidity

Quality Assurance Period: 12 months after purchase. It is not guaranteed for 12 months under the conditions of direct sunlight, high temperature (above haze), high humidity (above 70% RH), low temperature (below zero haze).

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