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Properties And Applications Of Polyester Film
- Nov 02, 2018 -

The polyester film has good toughness, mechanical strength and transparency, but its smoothness is poor. If the smoothing agent is added, the film will be slightly foggy. No other additives are needed. Polyester film is inert to food. Thermal sealing is difficult, because of crystallization shrinkage and embrittlement, so polyester film commonly used adhesives, but the best way is to compound with low density polyethylene, in order to make use of the excellent thermal sealing properties of low density polyethylene film.

The water vapor permeability of polyester film is quite low, similar to that of low density polyethylene, as well as air and odor permeability, which is similar to that of nylon. It can be resistant to dilute acid and alkali, but concentrated acid and alkali can interact with it. Resistant to most solvents, oil and fat.

Polyester film has excellent tear resistance, folding durability and wear resistance. It has good impact resistance and can be maintained to about -70 degrees Celsius. It has excellent electrical insulation, breakdown strength, dielectric property and volume resistivity.

Unstretched PET films can be thermoforming. The films without heat setting after stretching orientation can be used as shrinkable films with a shrinkage temperature of about 100 C.

Polyester film can be metallized in vacuum and metallized film has good decorative properties. Polyester film has a wide range of applications in packaging, industry and agriculture, including tape base, photosensitive film base, electrical insulation materials and so on.