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Production Process Conditions Of PE Protective Film
- Jul 06, 2018 -

There are two main methods of obtaining stickiness: one is the addition of PIB or its masterbatch in the polymer; the other is mixing VLDPE PIB as a semitransparent viscous liquid, and the good stickiness makes the packing film outside the goods together to make the goods firm. Direct addition needs to be

For special equipment or equipment, PIB master batch is commonly used. PIB move out of a process, generally three days, and also affected by temperature, high temperature viscosity strong, low temperature is not too sticky, after tensile viscosity greatly reduced. As a result, the finished film is best PE protection film.

The stickiness of mixing VLDPE in a certain temperature range (the suggested storage temperature at 15 to 25 C) is slightly poor, but there is no special requirement for the equipment, the viscosity is relatively stable, it is not controlled by time, but it is also affected by the temperature, the temperature is higher than 30 C, and the viscosity is slightly lower than that of 15 C. The viscosity can be adjusted by adjusting the adhesion layer LLDP. E quantity to achieve the required viscosity. This method is used by three layers of coextrusion. Physical and mechanical properties are controlled and material consumption is saved; good puncture performance and transverse tear strength allow the film to meet the sharp angle or edge of the goods at high tensile ratio; high yield points make the packaged goods tighter. High transparency is conducive to the identification of goods; high longitudinal elongation PE protective film rate is conducive to pre stretching.

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