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Problems To Be Noted In PET Protective Film Printing
- Nov 12, 2018 -

When making cartridges with PET protective film, we need to print. This requires us to understand its printing process. Here is a brief understanding of the requirements of the lost printing process of single-layer protective film for PET.

The technical materials provided by ink manufacturers, the quality of thinner materials and the change of workshop environment are also factors that should not be neglected.

Controlling the printing environment well, the change of temperature and humidity in the printing workshop has a certain impact on the function of printing materials and ink. The dull environment will lead to film static electricity, resulting in printing difficulties; too wet environment will make the ink dull and insufficient, affecting the firmness of the ink layer. Therefore, we should strictly control the environment temperature and absolute humidity in the printing workshop, make it absolutely constant as far as possible, and ensure good ventilation, so as to increase the occurrence rate of printing defects. Generally speaking, it is advisable to control the temperature in the workshop between 18 25 and the absolute humidity between 60% and 70%.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate principle and final desire of every printing enterprise to do a good job in the inspection of finished PET single-layer protective film. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that qualified products are sent to customers. This not only makes customers satisfied, but also maintains the shape and reputation of the enterprise, which is also the foundation of maintaining and developing good customer relations.