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Problems That Will Occur In The Use Of PE Protection Film
- Jul 18, 2018 -

As we all know, protective film is usually used to pack goods, and to prevent dust, scratch, oil stain, fingerprints and so on. Now many of the products for sale are widely used to protect the film on the surface, so the market of protecting film is very big, but in the good and bad market, it is unavoidable to meet the problem of protecting film quality. Bao Lun is a professional manufacturer of protective film for more than 10 years, which may meet the potential of PE protection film in use. The problem and how it should be solved.

1. Whether the color or transparent PE protection film is stuck between the protected product and the protected product, it will fall off in the process of transportation and use. The greatest possibility is to protect the viscosity of the sensitive adhesive used in the production of the film. The pressure of the mould press is not enough, or the surface of the section is not clean, and there is dust or paint, which affects the paste effect of the adhesive. If this problem occurs, it is necessary to counter the cause, the remedy to the case, the replacement of sensitive glue, the increase of the pressure of the sticker, or the effective cleaning of the surface of the profile when the film is sticker, and this kind of problem will be avoided.

2, the protective film has a good performance in the middle after a period of use, but the main reason for this phenomenon is that the protective film is in the process of sticking with the protected section, its tensile degree is larger, or when the protective film is attached to the protective film, the phenomenon is unnecessarily retracted when it meets the high temperature environment. In the production process, PE protection film should pay attention to the effect of environmental temperature difference on the use of products, and avoid unnecessary surface stretching during stickup process.

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