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Problems That May Occur In The PE Protective Film
- Jul 13, 2018 -

In the course of the investigation, the users of the PE protection film showed us a lot of problems about the quality of the protective film, hoping that these problems could be solved in a timely manner. However, the problem of PE protection film encountered by each user is different. After a targeted analysis is needed, a solution can be formulated.

1, PE protection film sticker problem

The problem is likely to be that the pressure sensitive adhesive of PE protective film is not enough, or the pressure is not up to standard, and the surface of the adhesive is not clean enough. According to these circumstances, the higher way is to replace pressure sensitive adhesive or film pressure to avoid similar problems.

2, PE protection film at the end of the use of both ends of the problem

In general, only when the tensile degree of PE protection film is too large, it will appear after high temperature. It can be seen that the influence of ambient temperature on the paste quality of PE protective film is very large.

3, PE protection film degumming problem

This is a very common problem, that is, when the protective film is torn from the surface of the profile, the adhesive of the protective film remains on the profile product.

If the user has this problem, use a clean cloth to dip in a little alcohol, and then wipe the residual gel until the gel is cleaned. But not too strong to avoid affecting the surface of the material.

Problems of 4 and PE protection membrane dissection

There are two reasons for this problem. On the one hand, the sensitive adhesive may not be used as a special sensitive adhesive for protecting the membrane. On the one hand, the material used to protect the membrane is too soft to withstand the pull of the stripped.