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Problems In The Use Of PE Protective Film , How To Solve It?
- Jun 04, 2018 -

As a manufacturer of PE protective film, customers often have problems in the use process, such as: the PE film and the protected product is not firmly bonded between the two ends, the protective film from the fog blisters and so on. Here's a reply to these common questions:

The adhesive between the PE protective film and the product to be protected is not firm. The first step is to select the protective film when the sample is advanced. Our protective film has high, medium, low viscosity and different adhesiveness. After the trial, it is better to buy the same type again. Another reason may be that the surface to be affixed is not clean, dust or paint, etc., which affects the paste effect of PE protective film! If this problem arises, it is necessary to address the cause and apply drugs to the disease. When cleaning the film, pay attention to the effective cleaning of the surface of the product to avoid the occurrence of such problems.

After a certain period of time, the protective film performs well in the middle, but both ends are finned. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the protective film has a large degree of stretching during the process of sticking with the protected profile. In the high-temperature environment, there is an unnecessary shrinkage phenomenon. This problem is mostly found in products of customers in the South. Therefore, the PE protective film should pay attention to the influence of the environmental temperature difference on the use of the product in the production process, and avoid unnecessary during the paste process. The surface is stretched.


Protective film products without glue, in principle, easy to tear, but some products are installed after the peeling, the protective film can not be effectively peeled, the reason for this, this is a number of illegal protective film products produced by the most commonly used protective film The problem arises that the use of an inexpensive PE protective film of a general quality does not allow the electrostatic adsorption force to withstand the pulling force at the time of peeling and the breakage phenomenon occurs at the time of peeling, which is a problem for the user.

Although PE protective film products can be effectively peeled but there are protective film on the surface of the profile, the problem often occurs in some low-grade protective film products. This is because the protective film is combined with the protected profile. In the event of a suitable environment such as sunlight and water

The stickiness of PE protective film mainly depends on many factors. PE protective film in the industry adopts EVA, which has electrostatic adsorption force. The adhesive force of protective film depends on the ratio of raw rubber and the amount of glue. The pressure sensitive adhesive type protective film appears during application. In addition to the stickiness of the protective film itself, the stickiness of the sticking film is directly related to the sticking, storage pressure and temperature.

PE protective film viscosity characteristics: PE protective film viscosity is mainly determined by the thickness of the silicone, the high viscosity is not necessarily high, Shengfa protective film design products after many tests, finally found the appropriate thickness of the data, and combined The thickness of the protective film ensures the flatness, high scratch resistance and high definition of the product.