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PET Release Film
- Jan 18, 2019 -

Material: PET Material

Thickness: 50UM-100UM (3~20C)

Width: 1260MM (cutter die can be used to cut into various specifications)

Length: According to customer requirements (200M-1000M)

Viscosity: According to the different surface, it can be divided into: non-glue, low-viscosity, medium-viscosity and high-viscosity.

Features: The quality is stable, after tearing off the protective film, no glue is removed, and no residual glue is left on the surface of the object. High elongation and fracture resistance

Scope should be used:

Aluminum-plastic plate surface protection, stainless steel plate, aluminum profile, PVC profile, carpet, glass, wood floor and other products, suitable for all kinds of products that need surface protection.