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PET Bubble Protection Film How To Do?
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Many novice friends in the use of PET protective film, sometimes encounter a protective film bubble situation, in general this case, on the busy, at a loss. Sheng Fa protective film will explain the process of bubble protection.

If it's a hard-spot protective film, if it's a bubble, you can see it carefully before you've compounded it. This is the production of PET protective film due to the production process and other reasons, it can not be further processed. If you have a special testing tool, the thickness of the bubble point is different from that of other places.

There are many reasons for hard spots (early transportation, production process, follow-up processing, etc.) If the early film is no problem, then in the follow-up processing, you should pay attention to the smooth roll, you can touch the smooth degree of the feeling roll. If the hardness of the rubber roller is too large, the air pressure of the roller can be adjusted properly. It is also caused by impurities in the roller, which will be ignored in many aspects.