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PET Antistatic Protective Film
- Jan 09, 2019 -

I. composition

This kind of protective film is made of PET (polyester mushroom) as the base material, one-sided coated with pressure-sensitive glue, and the back of the base material is treated with Hangzhou static electricity and bonded with the clutch film.

II. Product Characteristics

1) This kind of product has suitable bonding strength to metal, plastic, glass and other pasted objects, and good retention performance.

2) Protecting electronic components can avoid damage caused by excessive static voltage.

3) It can reduce the adsorption of dust in the air.

4) The surface of the protective film is smooth and smooth.

III. Application Areas

Temporary transfer and fixation of electronic products;

Engineering protection of all kinds of lenses and screens;

Surface protection in the transportation of electronic products.