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PET Aluminized Film
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Aluminum coating on pet is a kind of composite flexible packaging material formed by coating a thin layer of metal aluminum on the surface of plastic film with special technology. The most common processing method is equivalent vacuum aluminum plating, which melts and evaporates the metal aluminum at high temperature under high vacuum condition, and makes the vapor precipitation of aluminum deposited on the surface of plastic film. So that the surface of the plastic film has metallic luster. Because it has the characteristics of both plastic film and metal, it is a cheap, beautiful and practical packaging material.

Two. Characteristics

[1] Aluminum consumption is greatly reduced, energy and materials are saved, and the cost is reduced. The thickness of composite aluminum foil is mostly 7-gpm, while the thickness of aluminized film is about 0.05N. The aluminium consumption is about 1/140-1/180 of aluminum foil, and the production speed can reach 450m/min.

(2) It has excellent flexural resistance and good toughness, seldom appears pinholes and cracks, no rubbing cracks, so the barrier of gas, steam, odor, light and so on is improved.

(3) Excellent metallic luster, reflectivity up to 97%; and color film can be formed by coating treatment, its decoration effect is inferior to aluminum foil.

(4) Partial aluminum plating can be done by shielding to obtain any pattern or transparent window to see the contents.

(5) Aluminum coating has good conductivity and can eliminate electrostatic effect; its sealing performance is good, especially when packaging powder products, will not pollute the sealing part, to ensure the sealing performance of the packaging.

(6) good adaptability to post processing such as printing and compound.

As a result of the above characteristics, the aluminized film has become a new kind of composite film with good performance, economy and beauty, and has replaced the aluminium foil composite material in many aspects. It is mainly used for vacuum packaging of flavor food and agricultural products, as well as packaging of medicines, cosmetics and cigarettes. In addition, aluminized film is also widely used as gold stamping material and trademark label material in printing.

Three, application

The most commonly used aluminized films are polyester coated aluminum (VMPET) and CPP aluminum plated (VMCPP) films. Aluminum plating on the surface of the film is used for shading and preventing ultraviolet radiation. It not only prolongs the shelf life of the contents, but also improves the brightness of the film. It replaces the aluminum foil to a certain extent. It also has the advantages of low cost, beautiful appearance and better barrier performance. Therefore, the aluminum plating film is widely used in composite packaging. At present, it is mainly used in cakes. Dry and other dried and puffed food packaging as well as some pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging.

Four. Application of plastic coated aluminum film

As the name implies, plastic-coated aluminum film is coated with a layer of PE on ordinary materials such as OPP, CPP, PET aluminum film, which is an industrial semi-finished product. The material can continue to be hot-pressed with Pearl cotton, woven fabric, non-woven fabric and other materials to composite, and then to make the desired products.