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Performance Characteristics Of Three Different Types Of Screen Protective Films
- Aug 20, 2018 -

In today's digital age, with the widespread popularity of notebook computers, whether in work or life, we face the computer for a long time, so the symptoms caused by the computer are more and more. Protective film manufacturers have therefore developed a variety of different performance protective film to avoid computer radiation on the human body caused by various harm.

Outdoor Low Reflection Screen Protective Film: It is the only LCD protective paste with 98% high transmittance and anti-reflective function. It is especially suitable for outdoor strong light environment. Besides its clear picture, it can also reduce 90% ultraviolet radiation and reduce the damage to sunshine eyes. Effective protection of vision, reduce radiation effect.

Reflective screen protective film: suitable for all LCD display digital products, because of the excellent anti-scratch performance, deeply PDA, user, the price is cheaper. Reflective prevention effect.

Transparent and glossy screen protective film: The surface of PET protective film material is specially treated, with high transmittance. After use, it can keep the image effect distinct and clear color. It is the most ideal indoor ornamental effect when used in LCD display or LCD TV. PET, however, is not designed to accommodate outdoor users. The material is highly reflective, and it is easier to leave fingerprints and oily marks on the surface.