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Should The Protective Film Of Home Appliance Be Torn?
- May 16, 2018 -

Whether it is a mobile phone or a household appliance, in order to prevent the damage caused by bumps in the transportation process, the plastic foam and paper shell are usually wrapped outside the household appliances. When household appliances are sent to consumers' homes, consumers will first take apart the packaging and take out their appliances. But after the package was disassembled, consumers wondered whether a layer of transparent or protective film on the outside of the appliance should be torn apart.

Some netizens believe that it should not be torn. This is what businesses can paste to protect household appliances, and tear them out of life. Some netizens think that the tearing, plastic film affects the heat dissipation of the machine, and some netizens think that they can tear or tear, and watch their personal preferences.

In fact, protective films attached to the outer layer of household appliances do have protective effects. This film is called electrostatic protection film, usually has two kinds of material, PE and PVC. It is a kind of non coated film. It relies on several points of the product itself to stick to the product. It is usually used for the surface which is sensitive to adhesive or glue residue, and it is used in glass, lenses, high gloss plastic surface, Alec and other smooth surfaces. .

However, this film only plays a protective role in the transportation process, the industry insiders introduce that the plastic film on the surface of the household appliance is used to protect the household appliances, prevent the friction and scratch in the transportation and avoid the surface of the electrical appliances. This protective film has lost its function when it is used, so it needs to be torn down. In addition, home appliances protection is only used in manufacturing and transportation, so the shelf life is not too long.

If household appliances are attached to a membrane for a long time, the film will become the culprit of accelerating the aging rate of electrical appliances.

The heat dissipation of the refrigerator is generally on both sides, and many protection films are attached to the heat dissipation network. If it does not tear off the film, it will not only affect the heat dissipation of the refrigerator, but also waste electricity. In the long run, it will reduce the service life of the refrigerator, and also accompany the fire hazard.

Generally, there will be a color protection film on the external screen of the microwave oven, and the film will fade and decay for a long time. At the same time, when microwave oven is heated, it is prone to produce high temperature, resulting in bubbles on the surface of the film and heat dissipation. In addition, if the material used in the film is PVC, it is possible to release two substances such as VCM and DEHA. If the two substances exceed the standard, there will be a risk of cancer.

Washing machines are kept in wet places such as washrooms for a long time. The outer protective film will wrinkle and warp for a long time. Moreover, when washing machines are used, water will permeate into the film. Due to the airtight film, it will easily cause rust and corrosion.

The screen and the border of the TV will be attached to the protective film. In general, it is necessary to tear off the protective film of the frame, otherwise it will cause the bad heat dissipation during the use of the TV, and the long term use will affect the life of the internal components of the TV set.

In addition, the protective film is attached to household appliances for a long time. It will become old and difficult to tear down and contaminate the surface of electrical appliances.

But not all the protective film on the household appliances must be tore down, in special circumstances, the electrical appliance will have a part of the membrane in the use of the process will still play a protective role, the general prohibition of tearing down, in this case, should be strictly in accordance with the instructions of the instructions, the tear film will tear, should not be tearing left.

The instructions are written by the manufacturer for the written introduction to the performance, use, use and maintenance of the goods, and the matters of attention. It mainly helps and guides the consumers to correctly understand, use and maintain the goods. Therefore, in the process of using household appliances, we should first find answers in the instructions.