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PE Balck And White Film
- Jun 14, 2018 -

1,A brief introduction to PE black-and-white film

Material: PE material

Thickness: 30UM-100UM

Width: 1600MM (can be cut into various specifications by knife mold).

Length: according to customer requirements (200M-1000M)

PE black and white film stickiness:

According to the different surface, it is divided into: no glue, low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity.


Transparent blue, transparent and colorless, black and white, milk white

PE black-and-white film should be used in scope:

The surface protection of aluminum plastic plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum profile, PVC profile, carpet, glass, wood floor and other products are suitable for all kinds of products that need to be protected on the surface.

PE black-and-white film function:

PE black and white film is mainly used to prevent scratches and dirt on the surface of the body during transportation and installation.

2,The characteristics of PE black and white film

Stable quality, tear off the protective film, do not drop glue, leaving no residual glue on the surface of the object. High elongation and strong resistance to fracture.

Widely used in building materials, household appliances, hardware, elevators and other electronic components in many areas. Such as: aluminum plastic plate, stainless steel plate, ceiling, aluminum plate, aluminum profile, plastic steel plate, curtain wall and so on in the production, transportation, installation process protection.

PE black-and-white film property standard:

Preservation environment and shelf life: indoor environment temperature 25 C and relative humidity 65% can be kept for 24 months.

Product size: our factory can be tailored to customer size, and special specifications can be customized.

3,The application range of PE black-and-white film

Stainless steel plate: mirror steel plate, frosted steel plate, color steel plate and so on.

Aluminum: aluminum, rough aluminum, aluminum profile, frosted aluminum profile, spray aluminum profile, electrophoretic aluminum profile, spray matte aluminum profile, coarse sand profile.

Building materials: fine grit board, coarse grind sanding board, aluminum plastic board, ceiling, abrasive ceiling, artificial marble, plastic steel section, tile, cloud stone, glass plate, curtain wall, color drawing board, polyester home board, paint decoration board, rough pattern polyester furniture board, etc.

Electronic and electrical materials: electronic screen, meter surface, automobile instrument, shell, air conditioner surface and all kinds of household electrical appliances surface protection, titanium metal plate and so on.

Plastic sheet: plexiglass sheet, PVC light panel, ABS light panel, plastic board, etc.

Other: dust-free workshop dust removal protective film, dedusting drum and other purification materials, carpet, etc.