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Parameters Of Reticulate Film
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Reticulated film is a kind of protective film based on polyethylene plastic film. In the process of production, the advanced three-layer co-extrusion casting technology is used to produce the film. In the process of production, several special additives are added to prepare and debug the film to form the reticulated film.

The physical characteristics of the reticulated film are: soft texture, colorless transparent, good viscosity holding performance, generally used for a wide range of sheet metal protection, reticulated film is the surface protection of different materials can protect the object to choose different product types of viscosity and specifications. So far, reticulated film has been widely used in transportation, processing, storage and other fields, reticulated film also has many advantages in the use of the process of non-pollution, corrosion, scratch and other protection of the original bright surface.