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Optical Properties Of Reticulate Protective Films
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Optical problem is a very important element of reticulated protective film. As a commodity, the better the performance of the commodity, the more competitive the market. Let's take a look at the actual content of the optical properties of the mesh protective film.

It mainly involves two main properties: light transmittance and scratch resistance. Light transmittance is the degree of loss of light, the best protective film transmittance can only reach 90% - 92%, market publicity to 99% is only a false propaganda. Scratch resistance is the degree of scratch resistance of protective film, we often see poor quality protective film at a point in common use will be dizzy lines, that is, scratch resistance is very low, the highest hardness of protective film can reach 4H.

No matter what kind of protective film, it is basically a layer of almost pure colorless substrate, generally using PET film as the main part. We all know that only pure colorlessness means that all colors penetrate the protective film completely into our eyes, and that only when the color is not absorbed by the object will it be reflected in our eyes. However, due to the limitation of Materials Science in the world, the substrate of protective film can not avoid the precipitation of color, but very light, only thousands, tens of thousands of folded together to see a light color, and the iPhone 4 screen, also divided into cold and warm colors, that is, a touch of light blue or a touch of light yellow. However, only one piece can not be observed with naked eyes.

Finally, a hardening coating is added to the top of the substrate, which can play a hard effect. The hardening coating adopts a hardening process. Stearin oil is directly vaporized and evenly pressed on the substrate under high temperature and pressure, and then condensed to form a hardening coating. The coating gives the protective film a maximum of 4H hardness, but because a thin layer of grease produces a rainbow pattern, a faint color effect may occur when the screen is turned off and illuminated by lights.