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Method For Solving The Problem Of Degumming And Difficult Peeling After Use Of Protective Film
- Jan 30, 2019 -

Protective film is widely used in the surface of other products such as metal products, coated metal products, plastic products, automotive products, electronic products and profile products, mainly to protect products from pollution during production, processing, transportation, storage and use. Injury, corrosion, protection of the original smooth and shiny surface, improve the quality of original products and enhance competitiveness.

After the protective film is used, the quality of the protective film is not achieved, and degumming and difficult separation may occur. So what are the methods to solve the problem of degumming and difficult peeling after using the protective film? Let's look at it together.

1. The degumming phenomenon of the surface protective film occurs most on the surface of the profile. When the user tears off the protective film from the surface of the profile after the profile is installed, the adhesive of the protective film does not stick with the tear of the protective film. The protective film remains on the surface of the profile, and the adhesive treatment is very troublesome, requiring the person to scrape the glue off the profile.

This phenomenon indicates that the pressure adhesive used for the protective film does not conform to the regulations, and the viscosity is too high, resulting in the protective film being difficult to peel off on the product. When this problem occurs, we can use a clean rag to pick up the alcohol, and repeatedly rub the residual sensitive glue repeatedly, paying attention to the force too much, and can not affect the finish of the profile after wiping.

2. It is difficult to peel off the protective film, the protective film can not be effectively peeled off, and the sensitive adhesive used for the surface protective film product is not a special sensitive adhesive. It is very difficult to peel off the protective film produced by using non-special sensitive adhesive, which is also produced by some irresponsible manufacturers. of. In addition, the material used for the protective film is soft, cannot withstand tensile force, and is broken when peeled off.

When choosing a suitable product, it is necessary to consider the quality of the glue and the material of the protective film. Select a regular protective film manufacturer and choose a formal channel to ensure the quality.