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ITT Bought ThePCI Film Industry
- May 08, 2018 -

The ITT Industrial Company of the United States bought all the PCI film industry's assets from taw water.

According to ITT, products and technologies in the PCI membrane industry, such as pumps, agitators, aerators and sewage treatment equipment, are a good complement to them. PCI will provide more opportunities for its development in the field of filtration and disinfection. But the details of the transfer have not yet been disclosed.

Robert Ayers, the president of ITT's fluid technology, said: "the PCI film industry is a perfect complement to our business. It will help our health equipment department release from the role of supporting the equipment for the system manufacturer to face the end user. Further, the product and design power of PCI will greatly enhance the value of services and products we provide to our customers, and will greatly accelerate the rapid growth of our core market.

PCI has injected its chlorine disinfection technology into the group through the British division of ITT. In addition, the PCI membrane technology and its software will be used to develop membrane bioreactors and two stage effluent filtration products at the health equipment department.