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Introduction Of The Application Of PE Protective Film
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Understanding of the PE protective film:

The PE protective film is made of special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the base material and a cross-linked acrylic resin as adhesive, and then processed by several special additives. Its properties are soft, good adhesion, easy to stick, easy to peel off and no residual glue.

The advantages of PE protective film:

The protected products are not polluted, corroded, and scratched in the process of production, transportation, storage and use, so as to protect the original glossy and bright surface, so as to improve the quality of the products and the market competitiveness.

PE protection film characteristics:

1) the thickness of the protective film: 0.02mm-0.15mm.

2) color: transparent, blue, black, creamy white, black bottom white face, special color can be determined by customers.

3) width: 1600mm, less than 2000M, and all specifications can be produced.

4) adhesive force: 5-610g/50mm.

PE protection membrane applications:

Stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy profile and doors and windows, aluminum plastic plate, fluorocarbon board, mirror panel, sandwich plate, fireproof plate, ornament panel, organic glass board, PS, PE, PVC board sun board (polycarbonate plate), anti-theft doors, placards, coated glass, high grade furniture, high-grade handicraft, electrical cabinet, computer Shell, automobile lamps, flooring, household electrical appliances, instruments and meters.