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Identification Of High Temperature Adhesive Tape
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Discrimination of high temperature tape

Polyimide high temperature tape

(1), appearance, taste;

(2) the residue after ignition and combustion;

(3) the actual temperature test, over 260 degree high temperature, check whether there is residual glue, shrinkage and so on.

Polyimide high temperature adhesive tape can be customized according to customer voltage requirements. After special treatment, high temperature insulating material polyimide film is the base material. It has excellent insulation, wearability, acid and alkali resistance. It can withstand high temperature for 300 /10 minutes, and can be used for a long time at 180 degrees. Product size 33M, width can be arbitrarily cut into different shades of amber series. High temperature adhesive tape has excellent electrical properties, high insulation, high temperature resistance, low temperature, acid alkali, low electrolysis, good mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, tearing resistance, special tackifier, strong adhesive force, and shaded surface without residual glue.