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How To Judge The Quality Of PE Protection Film
- Jul 19, 2018 -

1. Good ductility and toughness: good tensile strength, perfect body twists and curved surfaces.

2, strong dimensional stability: no longer telescopic after fixation.

3, the entire film coverage is good: super wide width of 1.524 meters, to ensure that the entire film coverage, no need to splice;

4. Weather resistance is excellent: high temperature, severe cold, windy sand and sea breeze zone have good weatherability. They can always keep bright and lasting.

5, inert temperature and flame retardant: -40 degree ~90 temperature difference adaptability, inert insulation, effectively blocking the sun high temperature, reduce the harm of spontaneous combustion.

6, excellent durability: excellent outdoor durability, excellent products for 3-5 years, super grade products for 7-9 years, no degumming, no fading, no warping, no brittle cracks.

7, excellent adhesive stickiness: 40 minutes can be repeated for multiple construction positioning, 24 hours after curing, with permanent, removable, high masking characteristics; construction after removal of no glial residue;

8. The flatness of the sheet is good: after the expansion, the flatness is excellent, and it is not easy to crease, which is convenient for construction.

9, high efficiency filter performance: isolate UV radiation, reduce UV and high temperature damage to original vehicle paint.

10, strong corrosion resistance: chemical corrosion and acid rain, insect body, bird droppings, resins and other erosion.

11. Excellent shadowing performance: it can completely cover the color of the original car paint and show the bright color of the body film itself.

12, scratch self repair: fine scratches on the surface of the membrane can be automatically bridged by the construction process.

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