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High Permeable Double-layer PET Silicone Membrane
- Oct 24, 2018 -

High permeable double-layer PET silicone membrane, excellent transparency, PET base film, heat resistant silicone coating. It is your first choice for screen protection.

The optical polyester protective film PET has good optical, physical, mechanical and chemical properties as the base membrane. This professional protective film shows that UV hardening technology makes the surface of the hardened layer of 3H, scratch resistance, anti-friction. With high transparency, it provides clear visual sense and can be used for a long time and repetitiveness. Isolation Membrane: Isolation membrane is the lowest layer of the basic membrane, it is characterized by: easy to peel off, smooth and full of gloss, play a protective role in the adhesive layer, also in the use of peel off.

Polyester protective film is located at the top of the basement film, has a good heat resistance, plays a protective role in the use of intermediate layer protective film, when the use of paste to peel off.

Usage: Screen protection film W / P (screen protection) radiation protection film contains optical grade polyester protection film (polyterephthalic acid) and adsorption layer, is also the main use layer of three protective film.