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Glass Protective Film Production Materials
- May 25, 2018 -

Protective film production materials: we are very curious about the use of glass protection film and a very large number of people for the production process of glass protection film manufacturers. In fact, no matter what kind of manufacturer, we must attach great importance to the production of products when making products. First of all, we must pay attention to the familiarity and familiarity of products. Not only in this way, the staff of the manufacturer naturally has a certain requirement, only in this way can we guarantee the production of the product in a maximum degree, let the product have a better use and so on. These all need to be paid attention to.

As a protective film for glass, its viscosity is very important. Viscosity, that is, peel force, is a performance index to protect the bonding strength of the film. It is also an important index to decide the price of protective film. The viscosity of protective film is usually divided into micro viscosity, low viscosity, medium low viscosity, medium viscosity, medium high viscosity, high viscosity, super high viscosity. The thickness of the protective film includes the thickness of the substrate and the thickness of the glue. The price of the high temperature protection film with different thickness is usually not the same price.

Glass protective film, a new energy-saving building material, has the following seven advantages:

1. Heat insulation and heat preservation;

2, safety and explosion-proof;

3, anti ultraviolet;

4, anti eye glare;

5, easy to create private space;

6, enhance the visual effect;

7. Resistance to high temperature and fire protection;

When buying, we find the glass protective film wholesale factory. The purchase price is more affordable and the quality is guaranteed. The seven advantages of glass protection film are very useful in people's daily life. It is also because of these advantages that more and more people are fond of and praised, widely used in the life of the people.