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How To Distinguish PE Electrostatic Film, Winding Film And Ordinary Protective Film?
- May 23, 2018 -

Difference electrostatic film first look at the material, general PE material as the main material of electrostatic film, PE more soft than other materials to soft.PE electrostatic film generally used for food grade and other ways of higher environmental requirements. Second see stickiness: electrostatic film is electrostatic adsorption, no glue, you use hand touch, no glue is generally electrostatic film. Third trial, electrostatic film attached to the smooth glass, by its own electrostatic adsorption force automatically suck up. Electrostatic film is no glue self adhesive, and PVC protection film is sticky.

The electrostatic protection film is a double-layer co extrusion protective film produced by special production process. The product has excellent stability at high temperature. No adhesive is used in any environment, no residual impurities on the surface of the product, and more environmentally friendly functions and reliability. No toxic gas and harmful substances are produced and used in various industrial fields. It has obvious effect on product surface protection, effectively reducing the production of defective products, improving process stability and enhancing product value. The PVC electrostatic protective film is made by electrostatic bonding of plastic film to other items of glass to protect products. PVC electrostatic protection film is suitable for products requiring electrostatic membrane protection. It has ultra-thin, strong, transparent, self-adhesive, good transparency, small water grain and few crystal spots. High static resistance, good electrostatic effect and low temperature resistance.

Wrapping film is a packaging material used in logistics packaging. It has the function of stretching, easy to use and not easy to fall off. The electrostatic film is the material for printing, with a small stretch and much higher cost than the winding film, but it can be used for surface protection packaging, such as ornaments, watch dial, and so on. Electrostatic film is a kind of non gummed film, which depends on the electrostatic adsorption of the product itself. It is usually used for the surface which is sensitive to the adhesive or glue residue. It is used for glass, lenses, high gloss plastic surface, acrylic and so on. Just looking at the appearance, each membrane is almost the same, only through professional ability to analyze.