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Development Trend Of Shrinkage Membrane Equipment In Shrinkage Film Plant
- Apr 26, 2018 -

At present, plastic and paper are the main types of packaging in the shrinkable film industry. The plastic blow molding machine is a big proportion in the shrinkage film industry. However, as the demand for the paper industry is more and more strict, the new index of environmental protection and energy saving has raised the threshold of the paper industry, resulting in the expansion of the cost of the paper packaging market. The price is rising. This makes plastic packaging shrink film industry share increased, stimulating the development of machinery manufacturing industry.

A film blowing machine with good performance shows good market adaptability in the process of producing film, improves production efficiency and provides convenience for people and promotes harmonious social development. Food packaging is the most widely used field of film. The top grade blown film blown by blown film machine can be used for commodity packaging propaganda to improve business value.

Shrinkage film factory introduced, constantly towards the direction of energy saving and emission reduction, the concept of green energy saving is becoming more and more popular, and many high consumption and inefficient mechanical products in the contraction film industry are gradually eliminated. The plastic film blowing machine industry is keeping up with the standard, moving towards energy saving and emission reduction, and the PVC shrinkable film shrinkable film equipment industry applies high technology and produces The new film blowing machine complies with the diversified needs of the market.