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Development Of Protective Membrane Since Reform And Opening Up
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Protective film has been introduced into China since the reform and opening up in 1980. With the development of domestic economy, consumers have more and more high requirements for product light. Therefore, our products should be specially protected in the production process. Now some common products begin to use protective film to protect the surface of the product. Then what kind of film can become protective film? Generally speaking, the protective film is divided into the original film, the protective film with glue, the protective film with electrostatic film, anti-static film and so on.

The protective film is widely used in various food and beverage soft packaging. According to statistics, sales of flexible food packaging exceed 56% of the total sales of flexible packaging. The traditional concept of "food for the people" in China and the stability of the two major consumer groups, children and the elderly, have made the food packaging market have great potential. China's food industry has maintained a momentum of rapid and healthy development in recent years. The gross output value has occupied the first place in all industrial sectors of the national economy for many years, and has played an important role in the national economic construction.

Product packaging form from the original canned to the independent bag, but also for plastic packaging provides a new opportunity for development; with the improvement of graphic design level, product diversity, small bag packaging and the importance of product retail, seafood on the plastic packaging industry is gradually increasing. It is the fast promotion of different food industries that makes the application of the food industry expand.