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[PE Daily Review] Futures Open Low Concussion PE Market Big Stability Small Move 18.05.10
- May 11, 2018 -

First, upstream market dynamics

Trump declared a follow-up to the Iran nuclear agreement, while U.S. crude oil stocks fell more than expected, and European and American crude oil futures rebounded to more than three years. The WTI settlement price exceeded $71 a barrel for the first time for the first time in three years, and the Brent crude oil futures settlement price for more than three years was the first to break $77 a barrel for the first time. Wednesday (May 9th) WTI crude oil futures June futures settlement price of $71.14 per barrel, up 2.08 US dollars, or 3%, trading interval of $69.85-71.36 compared with the previous trading day; Brent crude oil July futures settlement price of $77.21, up 2.36 US dollars, or 3.2%, trading interval 76.08-77.43 dollars compared with the previous trading day. SC crude oil 1809 contract settlement price of 455.8 yuan / barrel, compared with the previous trading day fell 3.7 yuan, or 0.99%, and the trading range 445.3-466.6 yuan. Trading volume of 244268 hands, 25760 hand holding, increased 2416 hands, all contracts 244622 hands, holding 26954 hands, increased 2410 hands, the total transaction amount 111 billion 510 million 400 thousand yuan.

Two, today's PE Market Review

1. Spot:

Today, PE market weak shock, linear futures low shock, bruising the market atmosphere, although the petrochemical factory price individual up, but the trading atmosphere has not improved, merchants shipped more. Downstream demand to follow up slowly, real business talks.

2. Futures:

Today, the PP/PE futures market continues to oscillate. In the spot, the petrochemical factory price is temporarily stabilized, and the spot market price is partly loose.

PE futures contract 1805 opened 9630, closed at 9670, 30 lower than the previous settlement price, 16 hands traded; 1809 main contract closed at 9515, fell 45, 238 thousand hands.

3, the US dollar side:

Crude oil futures in Europe and the United States rebounded to more than three years high, and the WTI settlement price exceeded $71 a barrel for the first time in more than three years. There are not many transactions in the PE dollar market, and the linear shipment is generally, and some prices are down. Low pressure hollow, membrane material prices are high, the overall supply of goods is tight. The PE dollar market is expected to remain low in the short term.