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Cutting, Rewinding And Storage Of PE Protective Film
- Jul 20, 2018 -

The rewinding and cutting of the PE protective film belongs to the processing procedure of the protective film. Many traders are able to complete the two procedures, but the protective film obtained from the suppliers from the manufacturer has been rerolled and cut.

The protective film is directly rolled into the length required by the customer on the coater. If the customer needs the appearance of the PE protective film is beautiful, no bubble wrap, can be rewinded by high quality rewinder to ensure that there is no air package. After the production of PE protection film, it is a large volume, about thousands of meters in length, and the whole length of the market is generally 200 meters, so this needs to be rewinding to get the length required by the general manufacturer.

The slicing of protective films is usually done with a straight knife. But if the length is more than 500 meters, the protection film is too large, the heat produced when cutting with a straight knife may melt the PE, causing hard to unroll, so in the rewinding, the length of the PE protection film is controlled at 200 meters.

The PE protective film can normally be 30 degrees indoors, and can be stored for 12 months in a storehouse without direct sunlight after production. The higher the temperature, the shorter the storage period, and the storage period will be reduced by half at 10 degrees. Water soluble protective film should avoid contacting with water vapor to avoid residual glue.

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